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Congo Girls Photo

Congolese meals often consist of a starchy ingredient, along with vegetables and meat as a stew. The starch can come in the form of paste or puree made ​​from cassava and / or corn flour, fufu or ugali mentioned. When eaten, fufu is rolled up in a golf-ball size balls and dipped in spicy stew is often indented by the thumb to open a touch of salsa.

Congo Beautiful Girls Photo

Often confused with the Democratic Republic of Congo across the Congo River, Congo (formally known as the Republic of Congo and Congo-Brazzaville sometimes) provides a friendlier and less threatening to their entire neighbor expansion.Congo beautiful girls photos rare collection brought to you by beautiful girls photo network. Congo girls are cute nice and attractive. your beloved Congo girls photos looked young. Congo girls picture gallery is free to use as wallpaper screensaver. non-model uncommon young girls.

Congo Beautiful Girls Photo

The region was dominated by Bantu-speaking tribes, who built trade links leading into the Congo River basin. The republic is a former French colony. After independence in 1960, the first French region of Middle Congo became the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Republic of the Congo was a Marxist-Leninist one-party state from 1970 to 1991.

Congo Beautiful Girls Photo

The forests of Africa are often considerably smaller than that of the savannas, the Pygmies is the most extreme example. Their small stature makes them undoubtedly through the forest more efficiently highest villages. Additionally, the lowest body weight may pygmies on their body heat more efficiently.

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